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The alternator on these bikes is pretty feeble. They generate something like 270 watts.
Normally that’s OK. It will power the bikes lights and ignition and charge the battery under normal usage.

Add a few additional electrics and it becomes hard work for the unit when you are town or city driving.
When the bike came out, no one thought about daylight running lights (DRL). DRL is now compulsory in quite a few European countries. The bike had the optional heated handlebar grips but I took them off. I don’t think they work very well… heat in the wrong place.

I have a few “luxury” items fitted. Heated gloves. These are just brilliant. I also wear a heated jacket liner. Another item that I love.

Running these 2, along with the DRL’s around town, is just too much for the alternator, as I found out a couple of months ago. There was some indication that all was not well as I kept hearing a relay cutting in and out all the time. I ignored it.
Next morning, pressing the starter button just gave me a “click”.
Oh bum!
The bike was all loaded up and I was fully togged and ready to roll.
Two hours later after a bit of a charge-up on Herberts charger, I was off.

So, the new addition is one of these from EuroMotoElectric in the US. Bought via Mat Beekers in Holland. This is a 450 watt item.

The rotor is stamped Ducati! Duc bits on my BM!!
Anyway, it all fits a treat and detailed instructions are supplied. It gets rid of the diode board that sits inside the engine and cleans it up nicely.

The regulator/rectifier has been mounted on the relay carrier of the frame so that it gets enough cooling air. Would hate to fry it!

While fitting the alternator, I also swapped the front mudguard for the “low” version and mounted a row of Audi’esque 280,000 mcd LED’s under the fairing as DRL’s. Don’t know how effective they will be though as they seem a bit directional – narrow angle of view.

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