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Day 50 – 488 kms (17703 kms total)

We awake early with the intention of cracking on, but…. its raining… hard!

We wait an hour and a half until it abates a bit and then leave. Craig is there to wave us off.

It was a very long, very wet, painful and very slow at times, ride.

We reached Pen, near Bombay, saw an hotel and as darkness was about to descend, called it a day.
We phoned the people in Bombay and told them we would not make it today. Arranged to meet the shipping agent at our hotel at 07:30 in the morning.

Mick suggests that being in so much pain, maybe it would be better to ship the bikes to the UK!
We don’t want to do that!

Changed into dry cloths, fed, watered and turned in.

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Posted on 22. August 2007 by John Shales

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