Anji, (our host in Pune), and his daughter Kalpana are heavily involved in a local charity that supports HIV sufferers – the Sahara Allhad Aids Hospice in Pune.

The people are generally those that have been thrown out of hospital through lack of money. They are collected by volunteers and taken to the hospice.

Various doctors and helpers are recruited to help treat the people.
They have devised their own cocktail of medicines to administer as the propriety brands have prices way beyond their reach. I’m told they can supply this treatment for around 600IRP (12 Euros), per month instead of the 6000 for branded drugs.

Had we known about this charity, we could have done some sort of sponsorship for them from the start and tapped you, our readers, and anyone else we could have thought of, for some dosh…

They have a web site here, for the hospice
If you think you can help in any way, please do.

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Posted on 31. July 2007 by John Shales

I have really enjoyed following your adventure, its been a lot of fun reading and keeping up with you, a donation is on the way.
PS Check out the fuel situation in Iran there is petrol rationing!

Bob Sheppard | 31 July 07 | #

Thanks for the support John, I hope you enjoyed your stay with Dad and Asheesh.
The hospice is really dependant on the goodwill and generosity of people. A little goes a long way, so thank you for mentioning us and thanks Bob for your contribution.
Greetings from Sunny Peyrat and I look forward tomeeting Surekhha and family on friday when they are coming over to Bigaumont for a curry!
Tell Jayne the photos are on the way – just waiting on Robin to send them to me.

Kalpana | 2 August 07 | #

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