Out Of India

Our return to Pune sees out our final days in India. Whilst we wait for various parties to make the necessary final arrangements for shipping the bikes we are stranded here as without passports (held by the shipping agent)we are unable to explore some of the sights further afield.

We are once again being well looked after by our hosts Anji, Asheesh and Tia.
To while away the hours, John has his daily appointment at the local hospital for physiotherapy, which will hopefully help his recovery after his return and it gives him the opportunity to be fussed over by a gaggle of young nurses.

In the evenings, when not being dragged around the local drinking venues, Anji provides Indian cookery lessons which will provide even more entertainment when tried at home.
Snakes alive!

Endeavoring to keep us out of trouble, we have been on a variety of smaller excursions. A trip to the zoo, which incorporates a reptile park, was a little disappointing as many of the main attractions weren’t on show and the snakes were all asleep.

A few day later, the Pune Times reported that someone had stolen 3 Sandalwood trees and 12 Peacocks!

Being a collector himself, Anji knows a number of people Carfully Restored with classic car and motorcycle collections and visits to these have shown some fabulously restored vehicles.

Some of the better-known Ancient caves in this part of the world are too far for us to travel, but the local Pataleshvara Temple is cut into the rock and we travel to the West side of town for a brief look in this cave.

In between all this, we take manic, heart-stopping journeys to the shops where certain items provide such good value for money, they can’t be overlooked. A new suitcase is purchased to fit in Jeans, t-shirts, CDs and a raft of Indian cook books – along with the other equipment we didn’t leave on the bikes. Chipped from the solid rock!

Our bikes were due to depart by boat on September 4th but a cancelled sailing has delayed their departure. Hopefully loaded on the next ship, next Monday, they will take around 3 weeks to reach the UK.

We however, are booked on a flight from Mumbai back to Heathrow, on Friday 7th, from where John will catch the connection to Stansted and the onward flight to Limoges.
Black Buck!

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Posted on 6. September 2007 by micki

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