... and They're Off!

Day 1 – 922 kms. Day 2 – 170 kms.

After an early rise on Saturday, an excellent English Breakfast laid on by Stuart at the “Entente Cordiale”,
we left Abjat to rapturous applause from all those who attended. Whether this was celebrating the fact that both bikes started or whether they were all just pleased to see the back of us, I don’t know.
The route to Walschbronn was predominantly grey and motorway.
The sun came out a little at Metz and 12 hours and 922km after leaving we arrived at Herbert’s where we were fed and watered in splendid style.
Despite brave attempts to stay up and keep good company, we both crashed out around midnight and slept soundly until 7am.

Another great breakfast saw us off and after we trundled casually for a further 170km, we arrived at Massenbach, where Eric (who provided the modified Drive shafts) offered to modify our starter motors so that they don’t choose another inopportune moment to give in.
It was just as well as Johns was showing signs of deterioration already. John also had a wheel-spacer fitted to stop his rear tyre rubbing the swinging arm.
We spent most of today with bikes in bits and also upgraded Micks side stand as it is noticeably lower than Johns and needed extending. Eric put us up in his loft flat for the night and work continued on the bikes the next day
Perhaps we’ll get the radios working too as there is too much interference when we try to speak!

The next installment is here

Posted on 20. May 2007 by micki

Great to see you are finally on your way John and shaking the bugs out of the bikes. I look forward to reading more of your adventures. Cheers Shane

shane | 21 May 07 | #

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