Out and About in Goa

The weather was pretty wet when the wimin arrived and for the first few days thereafter.

Though it’s not a bad hotel, on Sunday morning we checked out of Casablanca Resort and moved a kilometre south to the Santana Beach Resort, which was recommended by our man – Craig.
Just to prove we got here

John’s bike was a sod to start but finally did. Further investigation suggests a fault with the starter motor, so now we have to chase Erich in Germany, who supplied it.

We wandered to the local shops in the afternoon, between showers and had a drink at a local bar that alleges to serve the best cappuccino in Goa. At last, decent coffee!!!

In the evening,we returned to Sweet Chilli’s for dinner, where more delightful food and music were as entertaining as before.

Tuesday started brightly and a visit to the local “Aguada Fort” proved a hard climb, but watching the sea crashing on the rocks below was both exhilarating and wetting!!

below Aguada Fort...

Wednesday again started brightly and gave a chance to experience a bus ride to Anjuna, (via Mapusa), to visit the Flea market. The 5 mile bus fare was 10 rupees (12 pence) each, but on our arrival, we learned the flea market wasn’t on out of season. They do however hold a smaller market where we wandered through the few stalls and were badgered by the stall girls into buying a few of the local wares.
a bit fruity...

Spices - Mapusa market...

On the return journey we took time to look at Mapusa market, behind the bus station where, as well as the usual array of stalls, masses of fruit & veg was for sale bring swathes of colour to an otherwise damp & dull day.

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Posted on 11. August 2007 by micki

Hi Guys, what a most totally brilliant adventure you have had. I am positivley green with envy. I spent 3 months in Goa a long time ago mostly in a bar called “Nelsons” I doubt it’s still there. I remember the local police being very corrupt and trying to stop us on our bikes a lot to try and give us random fines, which we always refused to pay! Give my love to Jayne and tell her Mum is doing fine, she hasn’t burnt the house down yet!Also tell her I’m thankfully only having the one baby! Oh, and Jackie says thanks for the postcards.
Love Heidi x

Heidi Rogers | 11 August 07 | #

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