Starting Back

Though we hoped to be back on the road two days ago, but we remain trapped in Goa.
Johns starter motor, which went flaky just after we arrived here, stopped working entirely, and the replacement, sent from Germany, is apparently stuck in Bombay customs.

Having endured a weekend of waiting, we learn that today is a public holiday and the customs office is closed.

The weather has reverted to the monsoon rains that welcomed our arrival in Goa, so we are resigned to watching the rain fall in between books.
We have followed the news on Pakistan over recent weeks, and as the political situation there becomes increasingly unstable, we have decided to skip it on our return route.
Water Fall

When we do finally get moving, we plan to ride to Bombay and load the bikes onto a cargo ship and send them to Bandar-Abbas in Iran. As we cannot accompany the bikes, we then plan to catch a plane to Tehran and from there, a 30 hour train journey to meet the bikes in Bandar-Abbas.

But first we have to escape from here, so instead of thumb-twiddling, we find a place that can look at the broken starter motor.

Incredibly, Craig finds a guy that can fix the starter and is gone all day on the trip to the repair shop in a neighbouring State and they manage to fix it! However, we are still stuck until we can confirm the status & whereabouts of the replacement and then arrange collection or delivery.

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Posted on 21. August 2007 by micki

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