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Cleaning... and I thought that was Woman's Work

The JAMBA trip did not seem to take that big a toll on the bikes until we got to India.

It was the Monsoon season in Goa and the heat, rain and red dust/mud, depending on what the weather was doing, really seems to have ground and baked it’s way into everything.
These two pictures of the head and barrels show the before and after.

The crankcase is even worse!

In the last couple of weeks, the rebuild has been slow going… waiting for spares or stainless fixings and bad weather – gets too cold to be in an un-heated garage.

I have also found the reason Mick had problems getting on and off the bike. The rear Ohlins shock absorber is set way to hard – I think. It’s probably the spring that is the wrong rating. Too hard. I will have to speak with PDQ or someone to find out what it should be for my load.
The pre-load adjuster also seems not to work. The adjust knob has 17 clicks on it. Nothing happens for the first 10. It then moves 3-4mm. Someone said it should move up to 9mm.

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