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Daft Idea Really...

A few weeks ago I saw a poster for a “Randonee” for Motos and Quads. Sounds like a good idea. So, My mate Rolly and I book it up… This was in December.
Of course, we forgot that winter had not arrived by then, but it has now!
Its been sub-zero for a week and on the morning of the 4th of February it was minus 7. Lovely! Just a light dusting of snow… and wind chill…

Organised by “Chemins Pour Tous” – Tracks for Everyone – Seems to be regionally based and they organise trips round the tracks for walkers / horses / bikes etc.

Turned out to be 40 bikes and 150 quads involved in this little gathering!!
8AM start… French time so that’s 08:30

About half an hour into it, I managed to crash quite well, exactly where 2 guys had been posted with cameras… I’m waiting for the results!

Far from being a “rando”, it was almost like a race at times… a bit too fast for this old geezer.
Rolly managed to have a very fast “off” ao a tree rout that crossed the track. Quite spectacular from behind with sparks and dust everywhere.
The result of this was that he bent the gear-lever and trashed a hand-guard bracket.

11:00 stop for coffee and cake and a pee… and time to get cold… nothing like donning a wet helmet! All the sweat we had generated on the ride was going very cold. Anyway, onwards!

The day was only spoilt by the organisers sending out a bunch of quads before us lot so they churned up the track and made the climbs as slippery as doggydoos

Lunch was at about 1 ‘o clock and boy, were we ready for it! Soup & bread / pate & gherkins & bread / pork and rice, optional bread / cheese & pancake & fruit tart all washed down with red wine & beer and optional water – all for €10

A few glasses of wine, some food and a warm hall persuaded us that part 2 was going to be a step too far for us. I had several bangs to the left leg after a few “offs” and Rolly was down to only 2 gears.

So we took a few photos and packed up for the day.
We will keep an eye out for this event next year and hope that the weather is milder!!

Some Quads….

… and more damned quads

And a mucky one to finish…

Luckily, we were unable to book for the Sunday… fully subscribed…
This was the weather!

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