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Of Sumps and Filters

I needed to change the oil after the summer trip to the Alsace and Alps. Every time I do this, I burn my fingers or knuckles on the hot exhaust pipes and I don’t like it!

So, away with the BMW filter and fit a car-type spin-on filter. I bought all the bits some time ago but have only just got round to doing all the necessary.
The sump ring that incorporates the filter, also increases the oil capacity by 1.2 litres. I was going to retain the oil cooler, but, I would then have to get new hoses made to connect it with the new filter block and there would be no thermostat to control the flow to the cooler. I looked around for in-line thermostats, but, found nothing that looked suitable.

This is the sump-ring as supplied.

I would also need to modify the bash plate so that it also protects the filter canister.
I bought one of the large bash plates and set about it.
First I had to get some alloy tube and cut it to the shape of the bash plate.

Next, was to find someone that could weld a blanking plate to the tube and then weld it to the bash plate.
This was the result.

The original oil filter cover/thermostat is replaced by a blanking plate from an older model.
You can see it here, with the sump ring and filter mounted on the engine.

That’s it. The bash plate is bolted to the sump in the same way as the standard unit and it looks like this.

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    shane 29. November 2012, 17:35

    looks good John, very trick. I hope you still have the KTM. Cheers Shane

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