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How did this happen!?
I bought a Yamaha TR1, also known as the XV1000. Its a V-twin of 1981-2 vintage and its green… like a British racing green rather than snot green like a Kawasaki.

This is the first picture of it.

Things to do: Replace the steering head bearings. New ones came with the bike. Shame that the bottom bearing was the wrong type… not noticed until re-assembly. Bugger!

Front wheel bearings also shot. New ones obtained and fitted.
I have started to make a list of things I want to change/replace/improve on it.
The front brake… doesn’t. Bit like the original GS brake in that respect… what’s the slogan… Unstopable.

I can see already that it could easily develop into a money-pit. Ah, well, it will keep me off the streets.

More later….

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