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New Parts

Parts that I have bought from a number of sources in the UK, Germany, Netherlands and on Ebay, have been arriving thick and fast.

The list comprises new exhaust headers and “Y” pipe all in stainless steel, new coil and leads of the Silent Hektik type, plus a long list of BMW original parts like rubber bushes, caps, fixings gaskets and seals, tank decals, drive shaft and fork gaiters and their clips.

So, here they are sitting in boxes ready to go and… nothing. To sick to do anything that involves more than lifting a coffee cup or writing this drivel.

I still have to find someone to weld a bracket onto the frame for the side stand that I would trust to do it. Too many “farmers” round here that might be able to weld it on, but what would it look like.
The fabricators of the bracket, Overland Solutions, made a lovely job of making it and welding two support webs on it so I want a “nice” weld to the frame.

I have not been able to find a powder coater within any distance you might call “local”. Nearest is 253 km away. I have feelers out at that place but no answers yet…

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