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I didn’t like the fit of the Keihan “Y” pipe. I caused a lot of stress in the mounting of the exhaust and that induced quite a lot of vibration at the handlebars and it also destroyed the rear, silent block, mounting for the silencer.

After talking to Keihans, they offered me a full refund, which I accepted.
I re-fitted the standard, rusty, collector box while I found another solution.

What I found was a BSM Power Pipe as sold by BMW Boxer Supplies and others.

They claim it gives a bit more power and a bit more sound – while still being legal.

The pipe also fits well. Everything lines up perfectly with nothing touching. The centre stand was contacting the other Y-Pipe.
It has a slightly different finish… more of a satin finish. The pipe has ABE papers for those that need them.

I obtained some one piece rocker shaft mounts from a guy on the German 2-Valve GS forum. He makes batches every now and again and I just spotted his last offer.

The idea is that instead of the 4 separate post mountings that are held in place by the 4 head bolts that are prone to movement, you replace them with 2 fixed mounts. The end-play of the shaft is set once and is no longer reliant on the head bolts being in the same spot… The head bolts do not contact the head and barrels, but “float” in the hole. That’s where the rattles come from.
It’s all nice and quiet now.

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