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Powder Coated

I got the frame and bits back on the 19th Dec, so just a but more than the 10 day turnaround I was expecting before I arrived at the powder coaters. He did say it would be the 19th when I left them.

Anyway, its all done in a nice satin black. The gloss black just looks a bit naff on a frame… I think.

Bolting bits on is now taking place, starting with the main stand, side stand and stainless battery tray. This tray is much better than the one I fitted to the red bike. It comes with the power socket bracket and the main fuse block bracket already in place.
New rubber bushes for the tray have been fitted.
New bolts and bushes have been used for the centre stand and should ease the getting on the stand a bit.
New bearings are fitted to the steering head. Bar risers from Rok in the US and a set of Magura Fat bars to be fitted.

I have to wait to get some “new” second-hand fork stanchions. The old ones have started to rust and will only damage the new seals! So, I will spend some time cleaning alloy parts in my blasting cabinet using glass beads and aluminium oxide medium.

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