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More Protests

The venue I chose this time was Limoges for another round of protests staged by the French bikers federation, FFMC. Limoges is in department 87. The theme again was against the removal of speed camera warning signs, higher fines and more points, out-lawing radar detectors etc.

Slightly different style of demo as in there was not a lot of riding but loads of bangers and what sounded like the odd bomb being let off!

I met Dave an Had lunch and set off for the rendevous. There we met Nick, another Brit and we hung out for the rest of the day. The marshaling point in Limoges was at Le Bastide.

The event didn’t get going until well past 3pm and it was HOT… 31c. There were a few things going on to keep us amused though:-))

First stop was the Prefecture. Police were stationed at every door, just in case…

There were a few outfits as well as a sprinkling of Can-Am trikes

Then it was of to the final parking place at a large plaza near the Lafayette building. One last co-ordinated start-up and revving of engines before the party was over.

Another grand day!

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