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Wheels On

I finally got round to bolting on the front and rear suspension and adjusting the head races and swing-arm pivots.

I had been waiting for pivot pins for the swing arm from Mat of BMWBoxerSupplies. With those fitted and adjusted and the Ohlins rear shock installed, its looking like a bike again. The rear shock will have to come off again when I find somewhere to recondition/adjust it. Also refitted the upside-down brake lever.

The front forks are also fitted and the races set.

The gaiters were a bit of a pain as the moulding at the top and bottom are not the same size as the original clamps… 5mm instead of 10mm. I got some new 7mm Oetiker Stainless “crimp on” clamps that will do for now.

Various bolts and the forks, the “paralever” and the rear shock are being replace with stainless items, as are the front disk bolts… when I can source some. The special stainless items are from Chris at Shaw Stainless as he has all the BMW specific stuff. Other stainless nuts/bolts I have sourced from Ebay UK.

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