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Provence for the Weekend

Stan called to say there was a spare room in the trailer he had rented, if I fancied the ride down. The weather forecast was good so why the hell not!

Plotted a route avoiding motorways as much as possible and deffo no toll roads.

That’s about an 8 hour drive from here. Head wind all the way, which was not fun and cold at the top of the Auvergne, (1075m). Glad I kept my lining in the jacket.
As I descended, the weather warmed up nicely, but still windy. I completed the last 30kms on the Autoroute for a small toll, arriving around 4pm in time for beers.

The campsite is right on the edge of the river at the Pont du Gard and very nice it is too.

The weekend was spent riding to the local sites around Uzes and Ales where there are a lot of Roman remains and even a Greek city… small though it is. Had a good wander round, but Heidi had to stay in the restaurant with the Fayoula as they don’t allow dogs in the ruins…

Lunch was a nice plate of Assiette and a beer. Yum-yum!

Followed by a walk around Ales to look at the collusium there.

More tourism on the cards for Sunday, this time off to Uzes which is a very pretty town center as you can see from these shots: It was also VE Day so the parade was taking place at the War Memorial.

Monday and time to head for home. Told the GPS NOT to take me on autoroutes and it came up with a route from the campsite to Uzes to Ales. Then you get on the N106 and although its designated as an “N” road, its single lane road that goes uphill for 40 to 60 kilometers and reaches a height of 1040 meters. The route takes you past Florac and then joins the N88 to Mende. Just one of those brilliant roads that is an endless series of bends, some tight, some sweepers. The Weekend Warriors had all gone home and its too tough for most trucks and on a sunny Monday morning, it was a perfect road to be riding…

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    mike coan 19. June 2011, 00:48

    did you take the warm & safe heated liner with you? that area is so nice. did you go to Le Vigan? we need to connect the end of september.

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